Sespe Flyfishers - 50th Anniversary Celebration - 12/12/21

The Sespe Flyfishers will be holding its 50th Anniversary celebration Sunday, December 12, 2021, from 3-7pm. at the Poinsettia Pavilion in Ventura, CA. Details are listed in the enclosed invitation.

You and your family are cordially invited to attend at no charge. Please confirm your reservation on our website at (click on 50th Anniversary Celebration tab and follow directions.) Remember to include the names of everyone in your party. Please do not include a payment. . . .this one's on us!! you can also confirm your reservation by emailing Frances Smith at

If you would like to have a printed invitation sent to you, please email me and I'll put one in the mail.

Chris May

Sespe Flyfishers VP

50th Anniversary Committee

(805) 216-6370

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